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Procedures for students discharged from school by Nurse Referral for Head Lice are:
  1. If discharged during Monday - Thursday, students are allowed up to two school days in the same week, as Excused, to treat and remove the lice and nits.

  2. If a student is discharged on Friday, students are expected to treat and remove the lice and nits during the two weekend days.

  3. Parents must accompany the student into the nurse's station upon return to school to be checked and cleared to return to class.

  4. Students may not ride the bus after being discharged for lice until they have been cleared by the Nurse.

  5. If a student requires more than the two days to treat and remove the lice and nits, as allowed by law, then a doctor's note should be provided to excuse the additional days.
An Information Brochure on Lice and Treatment is available from the Nurse or Front Office Staff for your convenience.