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NES History

Nocatee Elementary was originally opened in 1975. The school has undergone many changes throughout the years; including the addition of a grade level building (in the East side of the original layout) and the "concreteable" building (on the North side).  A few year ago, students voted to change the mascot from the Nocatee Kids to the Nocatee Mustangs. This was supported by updates to the front entrance that included a fountain and a metal sign with the Mustang logo; crafted by local artist, Roger Drawdy.

The inside of Nocatee Elementary also recently took on a new look, adding walls within the instructional pods. This change has been exciting to watch happen.  A few years after, Nocatee completed another major facelift.  The cafeteria went under construction, installing a new kitchen and serving lanes. The final layout provided more space for students to sit at the tables to enjoy their breakfast and lunch.

Though change is inevitable, Nocatee Elementary is proud to have  served the communities of Southern Arcadia for over 45 years.  Teachers and staff will continue building minds, leveraging all available resources to ensure every graduate is ready for college, career, and life. Go Mustangs!