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School End Time & Sign-out Notes

All classes end at 2:20pm. Students are dismissed and accompanied by their teacher to the bus loop or parent pick-up area as assigned.

Parent/Guardians in parent pick-up area are required to display the completed placard, received during registration, with the student name and teacher listed, in a visible manner in the vehicle. Students will not be allowed to leave with anyone unless they have the assigned placard.

Students are not permitted to leave school grounds without authorization.

A. Change in transportation: Parents must call by 1:30pm to inform the front office staff of any changes in student transport assignments. The front staff will record changes and notify the student's teacher for dismissal.

B. Student Sign-out (Leave Early): Parents must come into the front office to sign-out students picked up prior to 2:20pm.

a. Excused -

i. Dr. notes and other welfare appointment documentation may be used to excuse the time from class for leaving early.

ii. Early Dismissal scheduled by the School District is not counted as a "Leave Early".

iii. Students discharged to parent by Nurse Referral are excused

iv. (See Section entitled "LICE" for further allowances)

b. Unexcused - other than medical, welfare, or family emergency needs, students removed from class instruction prior to dismissal time will be counted as an unexcused leave early.