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I have always announced with pride to my parents, "I am one of you."

I, like your child, attended Nocatee Elementary School as a young child. The memories that flood my mind as I walk through the halls still astounds me. As I progressed through my education career I graduated from DeSoto High School. I continued from DeSoto High to pursue my passion as a teacher, to be accepted into South Florida Community College. After receiving my Associates degree I was accepted into Florida Gulf Coast University. After 5 years of struggling through class meetings, essays, projects, and exams I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. It was, by far, one of the proudest days in my life.


My entire teaching career has been at Nocatee Elementary School!


I walked into my first classroom as a teacher in August of 2004. I was so proud to hold the attendance rooster with my name at the top where the teacher’s name was typed. Although, my attendance record keeping has changed, I am I still in awe that I hold such a valued position within so many lives.

I began teaching in 3rd grade, when the FCAT was the deciding factor of a child passing to 4th or being retained. I was then asked to move to 2nd, to use my experience as a 3rd grade teacher to best prepare a group of 2nd graders for their following year. Only once since then have I “left” 2nd grade, but I quickly came back.

As a teacher I have watched various programs come and go. I have been involved in various committees, professional development, and many other aspects of being your child’s teacher. Although, despite the change of how I am told to do things, to present or teach things, or even the change of materials one thing remains constant throughout the years……..

Your child’s education and uniqueness as a person has always and will always be the primary factor that drives the next change.


My name is Brandy McHargue, but changed to Mrs. Burtscher after I married my husband. I have lived the majority of my life in DeSoto County as you have read on my other pages. Because of how I was raised I enjoy what any other DeSoto County girl enjoys; anything recreational that requires the outdoors.

I have two daughters; Arabella who is now in 1st grade, and Abrianna who just turned 7 months old. The joys of being a mother have exceeded my expectations 10 fold. My favorite time with them is at night when the day’s chores are over and I can concentrate on each one of them solely without interruption.

Knowing how much I love my girls and wanting the best for them, makes me humble to be your child’s teacher. Being a mother myself, I understand that time with your “baby” is special. I understand that within a week day I spend more time with your child than you do as the parent. My motherly instinct makes this realization sad to me, but please know that I will take care of your “baby”. Please know, too, that I appreciate the confidence you have bestowed on me to care for your child. Because of this I hope to always keep a very “open” line of communication with you. Even the good stuff!