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Relay for Life Team

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The Relay for Life of Desoto is being held on April 6-7, 2013 at Desoto Park. We are currently raising funds to support our team and the American Cancer Society through donation, school wide events, and will be continuing our efforts until the Relay actually begins.

We hold an annual Penny War for the Relay for Life team in the Spring (usually in March) . Please save your pennies to send in to support our Relay Team and help your grade level win. The grade level with the most points gets to silly string the grade level with the least points. Every penny equals 1 point and every silver piece takes a point away from that team. so feel free to toss some silver in another team's jar to make them lose points.

The week leading up to Relay, we have "Spirit Days" in which the kids are allowed to dress in various ways to support the  team. We ask that they each donate 50 cents to be able to wear the "dress up items " of the day. All proceeds will go to the Relay Team and the American Cancer Society.